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Rehab going well – 2. June 2023

I got my second knee operation on Friday 26th of May. The other knee this time. The operation went smoothly but the surgeons were unable to suture the meniscus as they had done on the first knee. They had to remove the broken off part, with the advantage that rehab would take about a month instead of 8. However, a part of meniscus missing means a  higher risks of arthritis in the future.

I used my crutches for a week when I had to walk longer distances. I quickly put them back in storage. After that first week I can start cycling again, which gives me a nice sense of freedom and is very good for my mental health. Every day I progress and get stronger. I am working a lot on proprioception with the physio which is very cool.

Three weeks post operation I walked up to the intermediate station at my home resort of Vercorin.  I did 2.5k and 500 m. up  without any stops and no pain after being quite active the days prior, with running and physio. I am super happy to be able to push it every day whiles still being very careful and listening to my body a lot in order not to overdo it.

Time to go and visit the Dolomites – 18. May 2023

After four days on the road I am finally really close to the Dolomites. I have been wanting to lay my eyes on them for a while. The plan is to pick up my Dad in Innsbruck in a couple days, then go climbing in the Dolomites. So, I wanted to check them out before he arrived and see how I felt about climbing these epic mountains with my knee situation.

I spend the next two nights in different spots in the Dolomites. I’ve got to say that they are some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. Such a strong and powerful energy surrounding them.

As my Dad had planned to arrive on the Sunday, I thought it would be nice to spend the weekend in Innsbruck as I really like the city and I could get to see some friends. I crossed over in the early afternoon. Timmy  told me there was a music festival with loads of stages going up a long street. I had a blast of an evening. The next day was pretty chill. I parked up near a little river in a very nice and calm place. Then my Dad arrived and we were off to Italy again, after a stroll though town.

We had a good night in the vineyards before making our way deep into the Dolomites. We drove across three cols and parked a bit lower after the last one with an amazing view on these amazing mountains and the sun setting. As for climbing, we realized that they are only long routes in the Dolomites. But I I did not want to embark on a 250/300m high route with a knee that could block or hurt badly any time. We decided to carry on through the Dolomites and go down to Venice for a warmer night before making our way back to Switzerland via Bergamo, Milano and Aosta.

I am super thankful to be able to move and take the time to think, fix my goals and find my motivation for the upcoming challenges.

Enjoying freedom whiles it lasts – 13. May 2023

In two weeks, I’ll be couch bound for 6 weeks and then go through intensive rehab. So, I want to enjoy being able to be on the road and do what I ever I feel like doing these last weeks. I therefore hit the road and went off to Italy. I’ve planned on crossing the north of Italy in the mountains and mainly exploring the Sud Tyrol.

The first day I drove through Switzerland and headed down to the Italian part called Ticino. I revisited childhood memories in Locarno before finding a beautiful spot beside a small windy road.

The next day I carried on following the small road I was on. Best decision of the day. I crossed over to Italy and had some amazing views. Once I got to a bigger city I got back on track, crossed back into Switzerland and headed for Lugano. I did not want to spend another night in Switzerland so I carried on direction Lago di Como, Italy. I found another even more beautiful place to park up in, near a Chapple, a tiny village way up in the mountains beside the lake.

The third day I headed up a valley all the way to Bormio, thinking I could easily cross into the Sud Tyrol from there. I was wrong but I spend a fantastic afternoon in hot springs. Even the mountain goats where interested in them and came to visit. After backtracking a bit, I could go up to a pass. That ended up being the destination for the night. Passo del Tonal is really nice although the town looks quite creepy as it is completely deserted.

Finally, I crossed into Sud Tyrol and parked and an amazing small parking up in the hills west of Bolzano. Had a great day exploring around a little but I got a bit frustrated as I could not be super active due to my knee. At least I was seeing some beautiful landscapes when moving with the van.

Renovation time – 4. May 2023

I have gotten tired of my van kitchen. As I can’t be very active because of my knee, I have decided to renovate it. The one I initially built was kind of provisionary. I wasn’t sure how I wanted it to be and what I would need most. After a year and a half traveling around my taste has changed. I now know what I want in my kitchen and how I want it.

I now have drawers that give me easy access to anything I need. I also have an upper head storage for my spices, coffee and stuff I use the most. I can also have more plants J. All my dry foods are now nicely presented and better preserved in mason jars in my open storage beside the door.

I am sooo happy with how it turned out. It amps up the whole build and finishes it of nicely.

Well shit happened – 13. Avril 2023

I was off a big high of the last competition. But first Yeti, my van, decided not to start. He got towed to the garage and had to have a new starter motor installed. A bummer as it was currently snowing back home and I was stuck in Austria for at least the weekend. But I have not had any issue with Yeti since the beginning so it had to happen someday.

I got a replacement car and went to Innsbruck to stay with Timmy and Nuria as it was better than staying stuck at the garage.

We went riding with Dodo, a freeride competition judge, and Katy, the snowboarder whoat had secured the World Champion title 2 days before in Fieberbrunn. Vibes were high.

Being in a good crew we were riding hard and having a blast in a slushy park. I saw someone do a transfer from a pyramid with a tube on top to the side of the groomer. I motivated Timmy to hit it. He did and it seemed chill so I followed him in on the next run.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough speed to clear the flat and I tensed up due to fear a second before landing. I landed hard on my heel edge and with my weight too far forwards. I felt something in my left knee pop and kind of knew instantly that I had just blown my meniscus.

I gave it some rest and, as it was not painful nor swollen, I could move it normally so I thought that the damage could be less bad than I had thought.  

Then I got a call from the garage informing me that Yeta was repaired and I could pick it up and head back to Switzerland. On my way to the garage, I got a second call from them telling me that the van had lost a lot of oil and they were checking it out. I got there and realized that the assisted direction tube had burst. The workers say it was due to rust but I had never had any leek and it was sitting just below the starter. They tried fixing it but were not able to before the end of the day. So I had to spend another night in this place.

I was praying for this story to end the next day.

They repaired the assisted direction and said it was all good. I left the garage and drove to the nearest petrol station to fill up…. And my engine refused to start and produced smoke! I knew the brand new starter had just blown. I felt angry and devastated like never before. I was literally in front of the garage where I had just spent 5 days and way too much money.

The mechanic said he could not figure out what had happened except the new starter was probably faulty.

Finally, after a nerve racking week trying to get my van fixed and with now an injured knee, I made my way back to Switzerland. I let you imagine the stress I was going through each time I had to start Yeti’s engine!

Thinking that my knee just needed rest, I waited, hoping that it would be alright for the last comp. Unfortunately, as soon as I strapped in to get on my board, it became super painful.

So I decided to have it checked out. A couple of weeks later I am back at my surgeon’s office getting the news that we will have to operate and do a suture like in my right knee 2 years ago.

There we go – Now let’s keep the momentum –

17. March 2023

The fire in my soul is burning again. After Nendaz, I am hungry for a victory.

The Jasna comp, Slovakia, is up next. Off we go. After quite a long drive, we get there the day before the comp. Due to stormy weather, Eliot and I cannot see the venue. We ride for a little while under the rain and strong winds before seeking shelter.

The organizers are hoping that the competition will happen next day, but the weather does not agree. We cannot see more then 5 meters out of the top station of the gondola. After a little while, the weather got worse so the organizers announced that the competition was cancelled. So, we went for a couple of laps before the fog came all the way down to the bottom of the slopes and we could not see anything. Later that day, we also got the information that the last finals competition in Obergurgl had been cancelled.

We get the information that a competition was organized in Fieberbrunn, Austria, as a replacement to the Obergurgl finals. Off we go. The comp was due to take place on the same day and on the same face as the Freeride World Tour. How exciting!

I change my line just before starting hiking up to the top of the face as the line I had in my head was full of tracks. In the start gate, I am feeling nervous and ready to stomp. During my ride, I unfortunately put a little bum in the snow but I stomp a big cliff at the bottom. I am super stocked on that and get 3rd place. Ok, now let’s grab this energy and bring it to the next one.

Not dealing with my stuff as well as I should –

4. March 2023

Well the first challenger in Nendaz was a hard one.

I got my ovulation as I was walking up to the start and did not deal with it as I should have. It handicapped me during the walk, meaning that I got late to the start late and everyone had to wait for me to get ready.

Not very happy with my riding. I need to do better.

Feeling ready to stomp – 20. February 2023

After a decent month of rest I feel better and strong.

I had a park training last weekend and got sendy again. For the first time since my concussion in January, I was able to ride the whole day. I’m so happy.

This weekend, I am attending the Bruson 3* competition. I am ready. I feel good and have planned a nice line. Off I go to the start. I have fun riding the line and I hit everything as planned.

I win this one, ending up on top of the podium. Ok, now I am going to take this energy and bring it to the next comps. I am hungry.

I needed a break for my head – 6. February 2023

It’s been two weeks since I hit my head and I have been suffering every day. I have no energy, I cannot concentrate on anything, my head hurts and I am super tired all the time. I definitely have a concussion and I have not given my brain any rest.

After a checkup at the doctors they confirmed my concussion and told me to take some rest until I feel like I am ok again so that is the plan for the next couple weeks. Quite a bummer but health comes first.

Backcountry Invitational was so much fun – 22. January 2023

Competition season is starting off with a bang.

I went to Les Arcs, France, in -27°C temperatures to compete in the first 4* of the season.

Wow, was it cold. I got 5th and Eliot 3rd but we could not party as we had to rush back to Nendaz the same evening in order to attend the Backcountry Invitational the next day.

Early morning in the freezing cold we all went up to check out the course. I had helped build part of the jumps before leaving for Les Arcs.

After checking the course, it was time to send.

Had loads of fun trying to land backflips but did not land any unfortunately.

What a great day with really nice and cool people.

Oh, powder I love you so much – 10. January 2023

The last proper powder day that I can recall was back at the end of the season last year. But it is back and I am hyped time to send it really hard and not get hurt.

I haven’t ridden this type of snow in so long I can’t stomp. I keep jumping off landings and then front punching.

I am also working on my back flips. The goal of the season is to land them properly so I’m drilling them in. I am never far from sticking it but can never hold the landing properly. They’ll come around eventually.

Season is on but my legs aren’t quite ready – 4. December 2022

First on snow training. Conditions ended up being better then expected. We found a fun cliff to jump of off with a powder landing.

For once I just went for it and had no hesitation. It was pretty big but I wanted to show that I could do it and that I want to push myself a lot this year.

Unfortunately, every time I landed I could not hold on. That is probably due to a lack of legs so back into the gym I go to carry on working on my strength.

Back into training on the bag – 30. October 2022

The Leysin bag is sooo sick. This huge artificial ski and snowboarding facility is the same as Banger Park, Austria, but close to home.

Having easy access to it makes it so fun. I often used it with my friend Eliot.

I am really progressing with my air awareness and tricks. My 360° and backflips are looking and feeling good. Now time to put them down on the snow!

Insulation and floor are in – 10. August 2021

The first big step is done. I removed all the old panels and cleaned out the van. I then checked and treated all the rust that I could find. I covered all the wiring that was in place so as not to cover them with the cork insulation I was going to spray on.

Cork time! What a mess. Weather is constantly changing which made finding the right mixture super difficult. I wanted to do a base layer of sprayed cork to help with the humidity

regulation inside the van and mainly to prevent the body work to rust from the inside out. After a month of spraying I gave up.

The walls where half as covered as I initially wanted them but I had put in already so many hours that I was done with it. On the ceiling I glued 4mm plates of cork then moved onto the real insulation. I used 6cm linen wool insulation for the walls and ceiling.

On the floor, I first filled all the grooves with cork then put 19mm Armaflex on top. We then put a vapor barrier on the floor followed by waterproof laminated flooring.

It is now time to focus on wiring and wood work.

The start of a new project – 7. June 2021

As a kid I always dreamt about living in a van and traveling around. That dream is coming true. I have just bought my van. His name is Yeti. He is a 2004 VW lt35 in cream white. The van was previously owned by the police force.

I am so excited to be working on renovating the inside and making my tiny home with the help of my father.

First, I have to remove and clean the inside. Then onto insulation, wiring, wood work, ecletric system setup, water system and so much more.

I am going to be learning a lot in the coming weeks and can’t wait to keep you guys updated on how the build is going.

I am back on my snowboard – 18. April 2021

Wow what an amazing feeling!

I had a checkup with my doctor and a physical exam. They said that I was strong enough to go and get some turns on my board but that I had to be very careful and stay on the groomers.

I was definitely a bit nervous going up as I wasn’t meant to be riding before June but once I did my first turn I felt great.

I’ve missed riding so much and now I know how much I love it. It is something I truly want to dedicate my life to.

My knee feels super strong. I have a bit more strength in my back muscles than on my quadriceps. I can now squat and deadlift 45kg. I am super stocked about it.

Photography is nice – 7. February 2021

I started doing some photography. My dad has a Canon EOS 20D that he is lending me. I am learning to use it with my boyfriend. He has been doing photography for a couple years now and knows very well how to use his camera. I really like it and it allows me to go out for walks just to take pictures J.

I’m back on my feet! – 8. January 2021

My knee is feeling good. I can now walk without any pain. It was definitely a weird feeling at first as all my foot sensors had not been used for 2 months but the feeling is good now.

My leg has shrunk a lot so I’m going to the gym in order to grow my muscles. It is nice to be active again. I’m now allowed to do anything except for rotations and shocks.

It is also nice to be able to go back to school. As my meniscus was very fragile after my injury and having one wrong shock could destroy the work the doctors had done, I have been staying at home for 2 months. It feels great to get to move on my own again and get out of my home.

Awards time – I am nominated for the Valais Sports Awards! – 27November 2020

Today I got some fantastic news: I am nominated for the 2021 sports awards! Sports journalists select the best athletes of the year, then the public, the media and the sports associations vote for their favorite athlete.

I am so happy to be part of the adventure. What an honor! I might even get the award J. Tomorrow I will discover who else was nominated.

The local television channel Canal 9 came to my house in order to do a feature on me and my victory at the World Championships. It was a fun experience and a great day.

A few weeks ago I had the great honor of receiving my council’s yearly award for my sports performances. All local sports and cultural clubs’ presidents unanimously voted for me, which touched me deeply.

All these recognitions make me very happy and help me towards my recovery. I can never be thankful enough for the fantastic support I receive from every one!

The start to recovery  – 30Oktober 2020

I was operated on the 30 October and have already spent 5 weeks on crutches as I am writing these lines. The operation went well and my knee seems to be recovering nicely. I live in my bubble, studying hard for school from my bed as I cannot attend classes. I try to do as many physiotherapy exercises as I can in order to avoid losing to much muscle strength.

I am absolutely sure of something: I will come back to the competition stronger than ever. My whole recovery program is in place: as soon as I can walk again, I will do everything to get my strength back. I have only one objective, one obsession: coming back to top level next winter. And I will do everything it takes to reach that goal!

My world falls apart  – 7Oktober 2020

A few weeks ago, my world fell apart. I had a knee MRI and heard the most terrible piece of news: my right-hand side internal meniscus was broken. I could not believe it. It was a nightmare.

My knee had been hurting for a few months but the doctor kept saying it was a ligament inflammation. Except his time, the pain got worse, to the point where I could not even walk any more. The emergency MRI showed the terrifying truth.

My parents found the best surgeon I could get, a master in this field, who only operates on athletes. He checked the MRI pictures and calmly announced that he would stich the broken meniscus back together, which meant walking with crutches for 6 weeks after the operation, and then slowly starting to use my leg again, but without any shocks. I thought I was going to die when he told me I would only be able to ride next summer again! I left his practice crying, in choc.

Banger Park – 6. September 2020

Training in Banker Park, Austria. Banger Park is the ultimate training destination for freestyle athletes in Europe. This rider-centered facility provides an innovative and safe environment for riders to progress with fun and confidence. It is a place where we can all get creative, fall, laugh, get back up, progress and have fun.

No need for snow: all you have to do is slide on this huge carpeted ramp, jump with your best trick over a massive hard-built kicker and land on a huge landing bag.  

Water constantly gets pumped on the ramp and the landing bag in order to guarantee the best slide for the riders. As a result, we all look pretty funny wearing wet suits or waterproof trekking trousers and jackets. But we have great fun.

The best part? I can push my limits trying new tricks because I feel safe landing on that massive bag.        

Summer vibes – 6. August 2020

So happy to start training again! After being deprived of competitions and trainings for months because of the Corona virus pandemic, I am stocked to ride on the Zermatt glacier again!

I love this traditional summer appointment with the mountains and I am very lucky to live in Switzerland, which means I do not need to travel abroad and can train in my own country. This is a huge advantage at a time where most flights have stopped and quarantines are imposed on people coming from other countries.

Zermatt, here we goooooo! Gosh I am enjoying the summer snow park so much. Training on rails is a fantastic exercise for balance, jumping on high obstacles, reflexes and overall getting rid of the fear of getting hurt by getting caught on metal ridges. Here I can try all sorts of rails and boxes: flat-downs, rainbows, cannon, etc.

The snowpark Zermatt is of course a hotspot for many freestyle athletes and teams. It is great to meet with everyone again and get to ride with world top athletes!

Challenging times for athletes – 15. April 2020

Any outdoor activity is banned. Going riding with my friends is banned. Even climbing sites are closed!!! So how can I keep my fitness level and my motivation as high as possible? That’s a real challenge. 

My motivation is sometimes good, sometimes terrible. I am trying to stick to a fitness routine but that’s not easy. I live at 1500 meters so there is a lot of snow a little higher though it has melted in the garden. Using that snow is banned. Running and cycling at altitude is not possible yet. Thankfully, I can do some yoga and other fitness exercises at home.

With a lot of free time left on my hands I decide to do a complete bedroom make over: New walls, new shelves, new desk, new decoration and plants, let’s change everything! This project keeps me busy for some time.

Split boarding! Wait, no split boarding? – 30. March 2020

I am just getting over the news about the brutal end to the season. I am still shocked with the whole situation. The ski resorts are closed. Let’s got split boarding! A split board is essentially a normal snowboard which splits into two halves. These halves become “skis” for travelling uphill with adhesive-backed ‘skins’ attached to the base of the “skis” to provide traction on the snow.

I am very excited to get my first ever split board from my gear sponsors West Snowboarding and Levitation. I get to try it a few times in my local resort, on the deserted ski runs. But very soon the news break: no one is allowed in the mountains. Activities such as ski touring, split boarding, mountaineering or climbing are all banned.  

So, my sport has become illegal! And I am a criminal for practising my sport on a deserted snow slope.  How weird is that?

A brutal end to the season – 13March 2020

What a shock! Here I am in Nendaz, Switzerland on that 13. March 2020. Getting ready to attend the riders meeting this evening and already concentrating for tomorrow’s comp. The whole resort is ready for one of the most important events of the year: the Nendaz Freeride Week.

In the middle of the afternoon, I hear the shocking news: the event is cancelled because of the Covid-19. The Swiss government has just banned all sports events, closed ski resorts, schools and businesses, and recommended people to stay at home.

I get caught in an avalanche of mixed emotions: I am happy because I understand that I have won the titles of European & Oceania Champion as well as the Swiss Champion as I am the current leader in the season’s results. At the same time, I feel terribly sad because the competition has been cancel. I also understand that the season’s finals in Verbier will not take place, which make me feel sadder still.

It is very harsh to work so hard during months and get all of this brutally taken away from you. This unfinished season feels really weird: no final competition, no final event and celebration with everyone, no goodbyes to the other athletes, no “I can’t wait to see you next year buddy”. Wow.

But crying doesn’t help much. So, my friends and I get together, grab our shovels and build a kick in the snow. There is no better cure to sadness than riding a man-made kick in the pow and having fun with your best mates.

With the best riders in the world – 8. March 2020

I am back in Austria for a competition I am so looking forward to: Fieberbrunn. My first time here. An awesome mountain, an incredible face.  

Not only that but, the best part is that Fieberbrunn is also one of the Freeride World Tour stops. So, I was going to compete on the same mountain as the best athletes in the world and, on the same day. And maybe I will meet some of them during the hike to the top of the face!  

This is exactly what happened. As I was preparing to walk up, I met the freeride snowboard World Champion Marion Hearty, an incredible athlete that I am so looking up to.  

That competition was very important for me mentally. It served as a test for the two nicest and biggest comps that were coming up: Nendaz and Verbier.  I wanted to check if my mental preparation was good enough for those two major events.  

At the start gate, I felt that my stress control was good. I dropped in and charged down, fast and solid. But I knew I was missing a jump on the top part of the run. However, I did not want to start figuring out something at the last minute and put a lot of pressure on myself and then end up crashing.

I got a logical second place that day as the judges did indeed decide I was missing a jump. I was still  very happy as I knew I was well prepared for the next competitions.

That night, I got to party with some of the Freeride World Tour athletes. That alone was a huge reward!   

World Champion, a day I’ll never forget – 30. January 2020

71.33 points, 30. January 2020: A number and a day I will never forget. I have just finished my run at the Freeride Junior World Championships and I discover my score.

I knew I had done a good run but had no idea what the judges would think of it. Well I got a solid 71.33 points! My heart leapt with joy. I understood straight away that I was in the lead. There were still a few more girls to come down so nothing was sure.

When the last one finished her run and was rewarded with 30 points, I knew I had won the World Championships. What an incredible moment! My family, my friends and my coach all jumped on me, over excited with joy.  

Things had not started so well as it had snowed non-stop for the last 48 hours and the mountain face that had been chosen for the competition was not safe. The organisers had to decide on another venue at the last minute. That was not an easy moment for me as I had studied photos of the Quellenspitze and I had got mentally prepared to ride that impressive face.

Also, I was not sure I liked the new venue. It was shorter and seemed to be far less interesting than the Quellenspitze. I was angry. But I had no choice, I had to adapt to the new reality and fast. After checking the new face, I felt much better. I wanted to ride a line that made me happy and comfortable.Then I found it, a beautiful line with some air and even three jumps in a row.  

With my coach Emilien Badoux on my side to help me find my line and manage my stress in the starting gate, I had a strong, confident run and managed to get in all the jumps I had planned. And got the best score of my entire season!