My Sponsors


for your trust and support year after year.

In the Freeride world only the BEST material can be trusted.

WEST Snowboarding

WEST Snowboarding is a Swiss snowboard brand. They make different boards for differents styles of riding with durability always in mind.

They have taken me under their wing since I was 14. I absolutely love riding their boards, bindings and even wearing the best puffy jacket in the game!

Levitation Shop

Levitation in a very cool riders store in Martigny, Valais. There is even a bar in the front of the shop.

They work with loads of cool brands and have been hooking me up with snowboard boots and different material for the past couple of years.

It’s always a good time going there.

NZero 100% Organic Waxes

Being a freerider for me means loving the mountains and nature in general, so I want to take care of the enviroment as best as possible.

NZero 100% Organic Waxes enables me to look after my snowboard and nature at the same time. They have a wide range of products which are all made sustanibly and using organic materials.

You Only Shred Once

YOSO, a lovely Swiss goggle brand. I love the quality and the interchangebility of the goggles and sunglasses.

You can change the lenses and the starps super easily to create a new style of goggle whenever you like. With my sensitive eyes the wide range of lenses is just perfect.


Being an athlete means you take good care of your body in order to help it to perform. Nutrition is a big part of that.

Pharmpal helps me have enough iron and minerals to perform at my best.


Competing, training and traveling around is expensive and demands a lot of time.

Thanks to the funds I recieve from the Raiffeisen I am able to focus soley on snowboarding during the whole of winter.

Swiss Talent Project

Swiss Talent Project helps me get strong and ready for the season.

They help me with my organisation and a lot of administrative work that happens in the background of my life as a snowboarder.